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Welcome to Inspired Angkor Wat!

Inspired Angkor Wat is the team of a group of famous tour guides who have been working as a professional tour guide for many years in all tourism sites around Cambodia especially in Siem Reap province. All we were well trained issued a license and recognized by Ministry of Tourism (only certified guides are allowed to accompany tourists into all the tourism sites).

If you wish to enjoy a thorough and informed explanation of the history, art, cultures and architecture of ancient temples or other tourism sites so make sure you get a licensed guide and please let one of our team guide to be your tour guide for exploring Siem Reap.

We have been working and providing services have achieved tremendous growth, success and great recognition in the travel and tourism sector of Cambodia which based in Siem Reap region and as well with our International Clients base. So far we have done every effort to make it our services a well strong reputable, quality with responsible tourism and customer friendly Travel Company in the Siem Reap, Cambodia.

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